Why a Coach?

A professional coach guides you to fulfill your personal and professional goals. Mark’s unique brand of consulting helps you discover your authentic self allowing you to attain the most meaning – and success – in life. Mindful presence is the cornerstone of his work.

What is Mindful Presence?

The integrated awareness of your body, mind, emotions and relationships, enabling you to meet each moment of experience with freshness. It’s a dynamic relationship with the present that can transform old habits, and put the power where it belongs – in the moment, with positive energy. Mindful Presence is self-awareness, courage, and alignment with your vision and purpose.

Why is it important?

To live a meaningful life you need to keep your imagination alive and to engage with actions and relationships that connect you to meaning. Follow through on the dreams seeded in your imagination by continuing to nurture them, patiently and persistently. Mindful presence increases your capacity to do this with energy and integrity.

How You Get There:

We practice methods at the center of my philosophy, the Four Core Strengths of Presence: physical, cognitive, emotional and relational elements of our experience.

We reveal and shape your unique aspirational vision – who do you want to be? 

Are you seeking another career more aligned with your authentic self, building a new community after a big change or choosing to do more of what you love now, and not waiting for the perfect time?
We develop individual presence practices you can use every day to actualize your vision of new possibilities.
We create a plan to get you tangible results and review as you progress.

“Mark has a wonderful ability to bring a grounding presence to every session, helping you appreciate who you authentically are and the gifts you naturally carry.”

– Sunil A., New York City

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