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Life should be a meaningful challenge . . .  not an uphill battle.

When you take a powerful stance of self-acceptance, courage,​ and personal intention, something amazing takes place. You begin to engage and relate to others far more effectively, and to see measurable positive results. We develop a coaching program customized for you and aligned with your life purpose. As we work together with targeted mindfulness, emotional awareness, and personal presence, you can begin to live your purpose to the fullest.

If you have questions or would like to set up a free 30-minute consultation, please contact me.

Here’s what I can help you with:
    • Transitioning careers—identify your focus, create a strategy, explore forward
    • Growing through a major change—discover who you are in this new season, tend new ground, and sow seeds of possibility
    • Uncovering hidden potential—refresh your curiosity, experiment beyond your comfort zone, create new opportunities
  • Getting motivated—courageously seize your purpose, change habits that restrain you, develop transformative skills

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My unique approach to personal and executive coaching is based on targeted mindfulness, emotional management, and creative presence. I work with individuals as well as leading personal transformation workshops for groups and organizations.

Getting Started

Receive an initial 30-minute consultation at no charge. We’ll start with any questions you have, and goals you’re considering. I can describe what coaching is and the milestones of the coaching engagement. My goal is to give you a realistic sense of how coaching can benefit you, now and in the future.

Personal Coaching

decisions and targeted goals

If you want to address a specific short-term issue, then a brief, focused coaching partnership can give you just the clarity and energy you need. In a shorter coaching engagement, you focus on making decisions and completing goals.

3–4 weekly sessions (60–90 min)


building awareness and inspiration; cultivating deep skills and strengths, creating appetite for exploration; transforming barriers

If you’re considering an important life-change—a new career; re-imagining your lifestyle; regaining vitality and direction after retirement; or, redefining what’s meaningful in your life, a comprehensive coaching engagement will work best for you.

8–12 sessions twice monthly (90 min)

Professional/Executive Coaching

Does your leadership inspire loyalty and engagement? Executive coaching emphasizes emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as the technical strengths that define you as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Do you want to move to the next level of creativity and challenge, but feel stuck? An executive coaching engagement will help you envision possibilities and implement a plan to deliver success. We examine present issues, identify options, and test new skills – transforming barriers and growing the strengths of leadership and personal presence.

8–12 sessions twice monthly (90 min)

Group Coaching & Workshops
Building Personal Presence

What Is Personal Presence and Capacity?

Personal Presence is the ability to be fully present with the issues and relationships of the moment. It is an experience of self-awareness, courage, and alignment with your vision and purpose.

Personal Capacity is the power to recognize when Presence is lost, and the ability to quickly regain it.

How We Get You There

  • We ensure that our coaching work is in direct alignment with your unique life purpose.
  • Together we develop your personal presence with methods that heighten and sharpen your physical, mental, and emotional awareness.
  • We develop your unique aspirational vision through a process of reflection and values alignment that helps you arrive at a guiding symbol or metaphor.
  • You’ll be encouraged to experiment with inspiring new paradigms, using your own presence practices and values-based behaviors that we develop together.
  • We’ll develop a follow-through plan designed to get you the tangible results you’re aiming for.
  • Through an integrative process of review, assessment, and practice commitments, you’ll cultivate growth and confidence in your personal presence and capacity.
  • You’ll be generating new insight into barriers and limiting habits through guided reflection, facilitated inquiry, targeted mindfulness practices, and creative integration of metaphor.

Learn more about how your group or organization can grow in Mark Power’s “Building Personal Presence” training.

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About Me

Mark Power began his transformational journey as a restless young man in search of meaning. His “On the Road” phase, hitchhiking across North America, was a formative experience of self-discovery facilitated through adventures into the diverse geographical, cultural and ideological landscapes of the United States and Canada. This personal awakening became the source of a lifelong motivation to learn more about how we change, grow, and find fulfillment individuals. Mark’s search included encounters with spiritual teachers of the Buddhist tradition who introduced him to contemplative and meditative methods that he has practiced throughout his life and which form a cornerstone for his transformational work with others.

For Mark, integrity is a product of alignment of beliefs, actions and relationships. This integrity is exemplified in his 35 year marriage with 2 adult daughters and approximately 30 years in service roles. Twenty of those years Mark served as a chaplain in hospice and palliative care. As a chaplain, Mark developed skills and sensitivities that allowed him to effectively support individuals and families of diverse traditions and beliefs. These abilities now empower his work as a coach who is able to navigate the uncertain waters of change with steadiness and an open heart. Known for using poetry and encouraging creativity in his work, Mark’s aspiration is to assist others to bring their lives into alignment with their essential values, so as to awaken lasting satisfaction and joy.

Mark is a partner in Life Positioning in Shenzhen, China and North America, as well as principal of his coaching business, Mark Power Coaching. He serves as adjunct faculty at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business where he teaches MBA students the value of mindful awareness in business leadership.

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