Mindful Presence.
Emotional Awareness.
Powerful Results.

When you take a stance of self-acceptance, courage‚Äč and focused intention, something amazing takes place. You begin to engage with life more fully and relate to others far more effectively. We develop a coaching program customized for you and aligned with what makes your life most meaningful.

Individuals & Small Groups

Perfect for anyone going through a transition, or a new phase of their life.

Business Leaders & B Corps

Ideal for leadership, to become more engaged, effective and connected.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is about strengthening and growing, and becoming more powerful in your life. This type of consulting helps you discover your authentic self, allowing you to attain meaning, particularly during significant life transitions. Shaping and sharpening mindful presence is the centerpiece of this work.

Who Is Coaching For?

Individuals and professionals who seek improvement, centeredness and change. Mindful presence increases your capacity to own your existence and create powerful choices, with energy and integrity. Coaching is for those open to discovering their unique journey and path in life.

What is The Process Like?

Coaching is highly collaborative and customized. We explore who you are, what change you would like to see, who you want to be. Through discussion, action plans and a variety of tools, such as exercises, tutorials, writing and more, we get to the core of the work and create real goals and tasks, with guidance and follow up along the way.

Coaching supports intentional growth and also helps you take control during periods of unexpected change.

We reveal and shape your unique aspirational vision-who do you want to be?
We develop individual presence practices you can use every day.
We create a plan to get you tangible results and review as you progress.

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